English conversation

English Conversation Course ECC

In general, this course focuses on improving the candidates’ conversational skills and expanding their vocabulary, whether for travel, work, or study. It ultimately concentrates on developing social and everyday English to help boost fluency and confidence.

For business candidates, conversational classes are based on creating both written and spoken success through focusing on the candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in international situations. This can be achieved by combining work on greater accuracy in English fluency and comprehension.

Candidates  go through general conversation activities such as debates, discussions and role-play, as well as grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation exercises.

The primary goal of this course is to build candidates’ confidence: our interactive classes help improve the spoken English as students are going to work on realistic tasks in pairs and groups with interesting learning materials.

Key Information

Entry requirement: Suitable for all English levels: Elementary (A2), Pre-Intermediate (A2+), Intermediate (B1), Upper Intermediate (B2), Advanced (C1), Proficiency (C2)

Max group size: 8-10 students per class

Duration: 1 month

Hours per week: 4 hours

Number of sessions per week: 2

Time: Monday -Friday (Mornings & Afternoons)

Learning materials: A course book is required. The cost of the course book is automatically applied to your booking fees.