General English | Standard Course

General English courses are designed for students of all levels who want a good foundation of English in a wide variety of language areas.

General English courses are intended for anyone interested in learning the English language in order to communicate more effectively in everyday life. In fact, the course aims to develop all students’ general English skills and give them plenty of opportunities to practice reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Class levels follow the scale set by the Common European Framework (CEF: A1-C2).

Key Information

Level available:  5 levels (Beginners to Proficiency)

Entry level: Any

Max group size: 8-10 students per class

Duration: 8 weeks (32 hours)

Hours per week: 4 hours

Number of sessions per week: 2 sessions

Time: Monday -Friday (Mornings & Afternoons)

Learning materials: A course book is required. The cost of the course book is automatically applied to your booking fees.

Fees:350 TND